About me

You know it’s weird that you are here reading this. People rarely do that, check “About me” page on web sites like this. People usually just check if there are any interesting downloads and go on. So, now, instead of learning something about me. we just learned something about you. And that is that you are curious. That’s one option. Or you want to get in touch for marketing or cooperation reasons. And that’s it, I think. There are couple of more reasons though. You might be here by mistake. But then again If you are here by mistake I don’t think you’d be reading this.

Well, anyways. my name is Darijan, I am an IT professional but design is one of my passions and since I am not much of a designer myself I just enjoy exploring other, more talented people’s designs.Not sure what else I should say here about me. I don’t think anything else really matters so we’ll leave it here.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy the selection of Photoshop freebies on this site.
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